Welcome to BEACON!


Because it's time to feel better.

When you're not at your best, the things you normally take for granted can become a struggle. Work, family, everyday life – it can be too much to handle.

BEACON can make a difference. It can help you learn the skills you need to tackle some of the issues you've been facing – guided by a trained therapist. It helps you take control.

It starts with a thorough online assessment, so that we can understand what you're feeling and experiencing. If you decide you want a clinical assessment you can opt for a 30-minute call with a psychologist who will review your assessment results with you and deliver an Assessment Report you can take to your physician.

Your BEACON therapist then builds a personalized plan just for you – a plan based on short readings and activities that you can learn and practice when and where it is convenient.

So, are you ready to feel better? Follow the link below to get more information and to set up your account.

BEACON is not a crisis service. If you are in crisis, or this is an emergency, please call ‘911’ or visit your nearest hospital emergency room.

BEACON is currently available to clients 16 years of age or older.

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